[Tex/LaTex] citation with page number does not work


i want to cite some books as references and add the page number to the reference,
for example i have this bibliography entry :

title={Introduction to Information Systems: Supporting and Transforming Business},
author={Rainer, R.K. and Cegielski, C.G.},
publisher={John Wiley \& Sons}

i want to refer to the page xi, or page 4, like this :

R.K. Rainer and C.G. Cegielski. Introduction to Information Systems :
Supporting and Transforming Business. John Wiley & Sons, 2010. p. 4.

after some searches i found that this can be done by adding some arguments to cite command, like this:


i tried it with different way that i found while searching:


but it is not showing, it just shows the bib entry (title, author, publisher …), i tried to changed the bibliography style but same (i used plain style, ieeetr and alpha).
for the compilation i think it is working because when changing the style the result changes.

any suggestions?
and thank you^^.

Best Answer

With the plain bibliography style, I was able to use


It worked perfectly. It shows up as this in the document:

[5, pg.100]

However, I have no solution for the other bibliography styles.

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