[Tex/LaTex] Changing the text size is not working


I am an eighth grader that needs some help. I am a noob at anything TeX or LaTeX, and am just starting out. I am using USBTeX, just in case that matters.

I cannot seem to change the text size in the \documentclass[]{} thingy in the beginning of the document. My TeX editor sets it to 10pt at default, but when I try to change it to something different, nothing happens. Any ideas?

Best Answer

The only sizes supported by the document class option in the standard classes are 10pt 11pt and 12pt. To get text at other sizes you can use commands such as \large or \tiny within the document. Normally though you should not be using font size commands within a document. Heading commands such as \section and other structural markup should be defined by the class to use an appropriate size. One of the aims of LaTeX is that you should as far as possible be using structural markup such as \section and \subsection and not using explicit font and size changes, which make it a lot harder to reformat your document for different purposes.

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