[Tex/LaTex] Changing Margins on thesis


Quick question to anyone who has used this LaTeX template:


Any ideas on how to change the left margin to get more words onto one page?

Best Answer

Have you tried the layout package ?

If not, try this, but I cannot guarantee you that it will work...

Just put \usepackage{layout} in the preamble, and put \layout where you want (I do it right after \begin{document}). It'll display a page with the margins, and the names of the margins under the picture...

You can resize every margin like this :

Set \setlength{"Name of the margin wo want to resize"}{"length"} in the preamble.

Here is an example of the \layout : enter image description here

You just have to resize the right margin...

I hope it'll work with thesis, I haven't tried yet...

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