[Tex/LaTex] Changing autocomplete order in Texmaker


Does anyone know if it possible to change the autocomplete precedence/order in Texmaker ? For instance, on my Windows installation, when I begin to type \begin{al..., the first thing that pops up is \begin{align*}, which is my mostly commonly used environment. This is great, since I can just type \begin{al + Tab and my environment is there.

However, I've been using my Ubuntu version a lot more recently, and the first thing to pop up on the autocomplete list is now \begin{align}, no star. This has made typing a bit irritating, since I now have to remember to hit the up arrow every time. For some reason I vaguely recall that Texmaker "learns" your behaviour, but I could be making that up ?

Best Answer

Texmaker does not appear to offer a way to alter the order of suggestions for auto-completion. Thus addition of this would seem to be an feature request for the editor. As noted in comments \begin{align*} rather than \begin{align} seems to be the one selected by default if one types \begin{al (tested with version 4.0.3). It is also worth noting that TeXstudio was forked from Texmaker a few years ago and does have some more sophisticated options to auto-completion, in particular offering separate 'common', 'all' and 'frequently used' lists of results for completion.