[Tex/LaTex] Change the mailto: in \href



This works fine:
I would like this to open the default e-mail program:

and output

enter image description here

This is because "E-mail" is "E-posta" in Turkish.

Best Answer

I think you misunderstood something here.

Package hyperref is designed to add a clickable link into the internet to allow to open a special website or to open a mail program to send an email to the defined address.

A computer, exactly an operating system (Linux, Unix, OS x or Windows), can do this only if the information is provided which protocol is used for this service.

So an URL has to be something like that:

protocol://domain.top level domain or email@address

The protocols are http (web side), https (secure connection to website), mailto (email) or ftp (down- and uploads with ftp server) and others, named in the rfc files. hello is there not named!


  • http://tex.stackexchange.com The url for this site
  • https://tex.stackexchange.com Secure connection to this site
  • mailto://example@example.com Send email to adress example@example.com.

The operating system can now start -- after knowing the protocol -- the corresponding program. For http etc the used internet browser, for mailto the installed email program. Both, browser and email program are different for different OSs and users. Nevertheless, protocol mailto is known by each operating system, your wanted hello not.

That you have to click on that link is a thing of security, or do you want to get a pdf, filled with thousands of virus containing web pages or other bad thing, and all of them are opened when you open the pdf file to read it? I do not want this, I think you do too?