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I'm using endnotes package to move all my footnotes to the end of the document. Is it possible to change the title of the endnotes list from "Notes" to "Endnote"? I'm also interest to find a way to change the formate of the list (like adding an indent after each number).

For illustration I want to to make my endnotes looks like these:

desired formate

For now, the endnotes package give me this result:

enter image description here

Thank you in advance,,,

Best Answer

The renaming of the Notes name is easily done by \renewcommand{\notesname}{Endnotes}, see the comment by Jon.

The numbering is a little bit trickier. The documentation is not very helpful, but the code of endnotes.sty provides some clue.

The endnotes marker at the end are typeset using \@makeenmark


which clearly states that the marker is a superscript. If this is not wanted, the \@textsuperscript must be changed to something different. A patch would work, however, this patch must be done after the inline notes markers are set, otherwise it would be printed as 1. to, not as ^1 etc.

For simple purposes, following code prepends the \theendnotes (responsible for printing the notes at the end) with the patching code for the marker:


This is injected into some sample document:




\blindtext\endnote{By Harpo}
\blindtext\endnote{By Groucho}
\blindtext\endnote{By Gummo}
\blindtext\endnote{By Chico}
\blindtext\endnote{By Zeppo}


enter image description here

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