[Tex/LaTex] change the font of a sentence in latex to Calligra


How can I change the font of a specific sentence in LaTeX to Calligra. I don't want the whole document to be affected. Only a particular sentence.

I checked different fonts from here: http://www.tug.dk/FontCatalogue/allfonts.html

Then tried different commands (like below), but none of them worked.

{\fontfamily{Calligra}\selectfont the font is temporarily changed}

It seems that latex can not find the Calligra font.

Best Answer

Following the documentation of the calligra package at http://ctan.org/pkg/calligra, try this minimal example:

Fee, fi, fo, fum.
{\calligra Foo bar bas; quux!}

Note that loading the package enables the \calligra command to change the font. The package also provides the \textcalligra{} command to set runs of text in that font. Either option is more convenient than loading the font yourself.

If you want to load the font yourself however, try \fontfamily{calligra}, with the font name in lowercase. (Take a look at how the package loads the font for an example; or see Herbert’s answer for details.)

If these don't work, then perhaps the font package is not installed. It is available under both MiKTeX and TeX Live; see your distribution’s instructions for installing packages.

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