[Tex/LaTex] Change definition of \sameauthors to turn off by same dash


I am using the amsplain style for the bibliography, but I do not want the dash instead of the names of duplicated authors.

I found this post Is it normal for BibTeX to replace similar author names with "——"? for IEEEtran style.

The amsref documentation says

Change the definition of \sameauthors if you don’t want to get a bysame dash.

How can I change the definition of \sameauthors command or do something similar to the post for amsrefs?

Edit: I am not using the amsrefs package. I only have a bib database and the lines:



If I add \usepackage{amsrefs} (thinking about using the nobysame option), I get lots of errors and the bibliography is not generated.

Best Answer

If you are using the amsrefs package, then you can turn off the dash with a package option. From the documentation:

6.4 Miscellaneous Options

nobysame: If two or more consecutive bibliography items have the same authors, amsrefs will normally replace the author names in the second and succeeding entries by a horizontal rule (_ _ _ _ _). This option disables this feature, causing the full author names to always be printed.

If you are just using the amsplain.bst as a bibliography style, you will need to make a new version of the .bst file that doesn't print the dash. Here are instructions for editing the .bst file. (I'll assume a TeXLive installation).

Open /usr/local/texlive/2011/texmf-dist/bibtex/bst/amscls/amsplain.bst

Inside you will find the following function around line 367.

FUNCTION {format.authors}
{ author empty$
    { "" }
    { bysame "\bysame" =
         { author format.names }

Change this to:

FUNCTION {format.authors}
    { author format.names }

Then save the file as amsplain-nodash.bst in a place where TeX can find it. If this is for a single document, you could save it in the same folder as the document. If you want to use this more generally, save it in <path-to-local-texmf>/texmf/bibtex/bst/ and then you can use it with any document.

Then in your document, use: