[Tex/LaTex] Centering \inputminted inside a figure

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I'm using minted package to import some code and also kind of images using ASCII art. I've wrapped the \inputminted with \figure with a caption and all works fine.

The only thing I can't accomplish is centering the ASCII art figure. I've tried:

    \caption{Example programming styles}

Best Answer

Pygmentize outputs a file that contains \begin{Verbatim} and \end{Verbatim} and changing this is out of the question. But we can exploit fancyvrb's features:


\caption{Example programming styles}

I have used the LaTeX file itself for the example: the Verbatim environment is “recustomed” to use BVerbatim instead. Doing this in the figure environment ensures the environment will revert to its previous meaning after \end{figure}.

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