[Tex/LaTex] Calligraphic numbers


I want to write the power set of a set S as 2^S. But the 2 should be kind of calligraphic.
I tried cal and mathcal but they do not work with numbers.
Has anybody an idea?

Best Answer

Fonts "Zapf Chancery" or its successor "TeX Gyre Chorus" also contain some kind of "calligraphic" digits:


  % family qzc: Font TeX Gyre Chorus (package tgchorus)
  % family pzc: Font Zapf Chancery (package chancery)
  $\mathcal{P}(S) = \textcal{2}^S \qquad
  \text{with }\textcal{2} = \{0,1\}$

Result with TeX Gyre Chorus

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