[Tex/LaTex] Build Sequence to create a PDF with citations from .bib


I seem unable to configure TexMaker's quick build so that if I have a .bib file, and a .tex file in a directory, and I click 'Quick Build' once, I get a PDF.

Can someone either tell me the sequence of commands I need to run, or the ordered list of commands I need to include in the wizard?

And I would like it to work both from a clean state and when files like .bbl,.aux,.blg or anything already exist.

(I'm using MikTex 2.9)

Best Answer

The preferences panel for QuickBuild has a button called "LatexMk + View PDF" that should be what you need, at least if your TeX distribution is TeX Live (I don't know if MiKTeX provides latexmk).

For MiKTeX, you can try activating the button "User" and writing in the box

texify --pdf --tex-option=--synctex=1 %.tex