[Tex/LaTex] Bold Greek letters in latex section name


I'm having small trouble with "pi" in section name \section{ $\pi$ } in LaTeX. I need to bold \pi but I do not know how to do it. I was try to use





but it doesn't work.
How "pi" look like now
What I want to achieve
First image show how it look now, seccond show what I want to achieve.

Best Answer

Unless using a special font, the macro\boldsymbol from amsbsy package should do.

(Beware, that math typesetting will make the bookmarks weird if used unless \texorpdfstring with appropiate workaround is applied)




\section{Not bold $\pi$}

\section{Bold $\boldsymbol{\pi}$}

\section{Bold \texorpdfstring{$\boldsymbol{\pi}$}{\textpi}}


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