[Tex/LaTex] bold \angstrom (perhaps in conjunction with siunitx)


How can I get a bold \angstrom (perhaps in conjunction with siunitx)?






does not work.

An example- I want the following in a table's column heading:

\multicolumn{4}{c}{$\bm{a}${\bfseries (\SI{}{\angstrom})}}

The above is not printing the angstrom symbol at all. The following does not make the angstrom bold.


Though the following works in normal text.

{\bfseries (\SI{}{\angstrom})}

Best Answer

Like any other output, the standard setting for siunitx are to ignore any local formatting (the 'official' position on typesetting quantities as they are mathematical entities.) Most probably you want detect-weight:


Some text \SI{10}{\angstrom}.

{\bfseries Some text \SI{10}{\angstrom}.}

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