[Tex/LaTex] Blackboard bold characters


The blackboard bold font in the AMSFonts package only has capital letters. I sometimes wish to use a blackboard bold "1", for which I can use \usepackage{bbold}. But this changes the entire blackboard bold font, and I like the original AMSFonts versions of the capital letters better. Is there a simple way for me to get \mathbb{1} from one package and the blackboard bold capitals from another?

Best Answer

This doesn't exactly answer your question (how to use bbold with AMS's black board bold characters). I believe that would require some TeX incantations.

A cheaper work around is to use either the package bbm or the package doublestroke. The former defines the \mathbbm command and the latter uses the \mathds command, so they don't conflict with the AMS \mathbb. Also asthetically I prefer the bbm fonts over bbold since the latter is sans serif, which doesn't quite fit in right against the AMS serifed fonts.

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