[Tex/LaTex] ‘biggg’ in Latex/Lyx environment


I'm using Lyx editor and have added the amsmath environment. And in the editor, I can input the \biggg{ to show a slightly bigger { than the \bigg{. But it has errors when compiling the document. So, is there a bigger { than the \bigg{ or \Bigg{?

For example, in the following equation, I want the pair {} should be one level larger than the pair [] for better view. The {} for the equation is using \Bigg{ and \Bigg}.


Best Answer

Personally, I wouldn't make larger braces in the example you posted, but rather smaller brackets. However, you can easily extend the predefined sizes of amsmath. The latex.ltx format defines


and the original definition of \big & Co. is overwritten by amsmath, which replaces them by


Here \bBigg@ is the macro which actually does the scaling job: it takes an argument (the height in a length called \big@size). So you can use the following lines

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