[Tex/LaTex] Bibtex unsrt type style that shows arxiv links


Is it possible to use unsrt style for bibtex that will show arxiv links? I remember using apsrev4-1 for one seminar before and that showed arxiv links, even combined them with hyperref so you could easily click on them in pdf. But Now when I use that I get errors (I guess it's because I'm not using revtex as document class).

The issue is that some articles I cited are only on arxiv, not in any journal, and unsrt just lists author, name of the article and the year of publishing. I'd like to also add arxiv link so that it's not empty looking.


I managed the look I want (sort of, I still get semi colon instead of colon, when citing multiple sources), this is the mwe that resembles the most to my original file:


\usepackage[colorlinks=true, linkcolor=DarkGray, citecolor=DarkGray, urlcolor=DarkGray, plainpages=false, pdfpagelabels, hypertexnames=false, unicode]{hyperref}




This is an example \cite{Anninos:2008fx}\cite{Arnowitt:1962hi}\cite{Banados:1992gq,Bardeen:1999px}

And another \cite{Bekenstein73,Cardy1,Cardy2}\cite{lrr-2004-1,de1998lie}



The bibliography is badly stretched, and in my original file (which I won't post here since its preamble is massive alone) I get this:

enter image description here

The last reference even goes out of bounds :S


This did it:


Best Answer

Instead of using the unsrt bibliography style -- which is well more than 20 years old and thus (unsurprisingly, in my view) lacks any awareness of what to do with electronic record fields such as url, doi, and eid -- I would recommend you use the unsrtnat bibliography style, which does know what to do with fields such as doi (short for digital object identifier). See also http://arxiv.org/help/jref for suggestions on how to provide doi-related information for arxiv-published papers.

The unsrtnat bibliography style can be used independently of the natbib package.