[Tex/LaTex] BibTex: Handling manuscripts


I have created bibliography project with books about dancing history:

It is a good practice (for manuscript entries) to add library, where this manuscript is being stored.

I failed to find field for this purpose.
So, how do I add the library to the bibliography?

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I'd rather use biblatex. It's a much more recent system (the venerable bibtex is over two decades old...) If you want to stick to bibtex, you can either use an predefined field like note or you can create your own library field, which will be ignored, that is, it will not be listed. A relevant passage from the bibtex documentation - page 8 off CTAN:

ignored - The field is ignored. BibTEX ignores any field that is not required or optional, so you can include any fields you want in a bib file entry. It's a good idea to put all relevant information about a reference in its bib file entry - even information that may never appear in the bibliography. For example, if you want to keep an abstract of a paper in a computer file, put it in an abstract field in the paper's bib file entry. The bib file is likely to be as good a place as any for the abstract, and it is possible to design a bibliography style for printing selected abstracts. Note: Misspelling a field name will result in its being ignored, so watch out for typos (especially for optional fields, since BibTEX won't warn you when those are missing).

So, as you see, you can include it anyway. The trickier part is if you need to list it.

On the other hand, biblatex does have a library field defined, see the manual - page 19:

library - field (literal)

This field may be useful to record information such as a library name and a call number. This may be printed by a special bibliography style if desired. Not used by the standard bibliography styles.

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