[Tex/LaTex] BibTeX and Jabref


I have a bib file in Jabref.
Once the .tex file is compiled, the bibliography section appears but it is all empty.

Here is an example of my .tex file:


\usepackage[english, french]{babel}



Any insights ?

Best Answer

JabRef is a program for managing BibTeX database (.bib) files but does not directly affect what happens in LaTeX. Adding a database to a .tex file does not add in the citations. You need either \cite or \nocite: the latter adds references to the bibliography without a citation in the text

  author = {Other, A. N.},
  journal = {J. Irrep. Res.},
  title = {Some things we did},
  year  = {2012},
  author = {Nobacon, D.},
  journal = {J. Chumb.},
  title = {Tubthumping},
  year  = {2012},
Some text \cite{demo1} more text\nocite{demo2}.

You will need to run LaTeX, then BibTeX, then LaTeX twice for the document to be complete.

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