[Tex/LaTex] Biblatex still won’t print bibliography


I have read all the related questions and taken all the suggested steps (well, the ones that had anything to do with my situation since for example I am not using XeLaTeX). As far as I can see, this file ought to produce a pdf with one citation in it and a bibliography with that entry.





Instead it produces a pdf with the name FefCF printed in boldface and no bibliography.

I am using TeXworks and have run both BibTeX and pdfLaTex+MakeIndex+BibTeX repeatedly in many combinations.

To be clear, the reference FefCF is indeed in the file refs.bib (and has been used many time with BibTeX) and it is in the same folder as this file, namely C:/Users/Colin/Documents/TeX Files. I have also tried the full location name C:/Users/Colin/Documents/TeX Files/refs.bib to specify the bib resource. That makes no difference.

Best Answer

The main hurdles with biblatex/biber are:

  1. You are not calling biber at all but bibtex (check the .blg file if it starts with "biber" or "bibtex").
  2. biber fails due to a problem with the cache files. Run biber --cache on the command line and delete the folder you get as output.
  3. biber fails due to an error in your bib file: Check the blg file.
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