[Tex/LaTex] Best plotting software with latex integration


I'm wondering if there is a software that can create plots with latex integration like gnuplot.
I have used gnuplot to create very nice 2D plots with epslatex terminal and I find it superb, but unfortunately gnuplot doesn't have ternary plot option.
OriginPro doesn't have latex integration option, so I exclude it from my list.
I want a plotting software that can handle anything with publication quality graphs, because I'm doing my undergraduate thesis, preferable on Linux platform.
What about Mathematica, MATLAB, or something else, any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

PS Sorry if I posted in wrong section.

Best Answer

Mathematica has a package that provides LaTeX integration:

Here's a screenshot of a plot from the section of the documentation which discusses matching styles:

enter image description here

Here's a question from Mathematica.SE about creating ternary plots:

Disclosure: I am the author of MaTeX.

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