[Tex/LaTex] Berry naming scheme list of LaTeX font families


Could you provide me with a list of Berry names for LaTeX font families?

I am currently working on a paper comparing various LaTeX fonts, particularly their support of extended Latin and it took some time to figure out these obsolete three-letter codes for the TeX Gyre families (to change font families using \fontfamily{nnn}\selectfont). Rather than gathering all the .map files, I tried to look them up on the Internet, but with no success.

The documentation of the PSNFSS bundle features the following packages: times, palatino, helvet, avant, newcent, bookman, courier, pifont, chancery, mathptm, mathpple, charter, utopia, mathpazo. It is possible to extract the codes, but it is unnecessarily time-consuming and some are still missing (such as TeX Gyre).

Should someone look for the same, here are the Berry names of TeX Gyre families:

  • Adventor – qag
  • Bonum – qbk
  • Chorus – qzc
  • Cursor – qcr
  • Heros – qhv
  • Pagella – qpl
  • Schola – qcs
  • Termes – qtm

Best Answer

The names can be found in fontname.pdf (texdoc fontname on TeX Live systems); on page 4 there is the list of "suppliers" and GUST Typefoundry appears as q. Since TeX Gyre Termes, for instance, is a clone of Times, its family name is qtm.

  • ag Avant Garde
  • bk Bookman
  • zc Zapf Chancery
  • cr Courier
  • hv Helvetica
  • pl Palatino
  • cs Century Schoolbook (the Adobe one is NewCentury Schoolbook, pnc)
  • tm Times

There are listings by supplier in the appendix, but GUST Typefoundry doesn't (still) appear.