[Tex/LaTex] Beamer: Short section titles in Headline


I have a beamer template for a presentation. In this template, the headline shows the section name and the subsection to which the current slide belongs to.
However, even if I have defined a short title as in

\section[Short title]{The very long title that surely is way too long}

the headline always shows the long title.

Here is the code from the style file which shows the section name

        \begin{beamercolorbox}[dp=0.5ex]{section in head/foot}

So my question: Is there any other command for \insertsection in order to show the short title? (I assume no, as googleing it I didn't really find anything). Additionally, does it matter if not all sections have short titles?

Best Answer

Your outer theme should use \insertsectionhead instead of \insertsection:


\section[Short section 1 title]{Long section 1 title}

  Long title: \insertsection

  Short title: \insertsectionhead

\section[Short section 2 title]{Long section 2 title}

  Long title: \insertsection

  Short title: \insertsectionhead

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