[Tex/LaTex] Beamer: Removing headline and its space on a single frame (for plan), but keeping the footline

beamerheader-footerspacingtable of contents

There is now 4 hours that I'm Googling to found a solution to my problem but it's still impossible!

Here is the situation: I have some frames in a presentation using the Warsaw theme, on the first one I wanted to remove both headline and footline so I use the \begin{frame}[plain], but I want to, for the next frame, keep the footline but only hide the headline.

I tried the following:

\setbeamertemplate{headline}{} %or \setbeamertemplate{headline}[default]

But, although the content of the headline is removed, it keeps the space blank (as it is used, but not available for my content). So, there is a white space below my frame title… (Table of Contents).

I don't want to have the plan of my presentation in the header here as it is a frame showing the plan …

Is there anyone here who could help me?

Best Answer

Ok, after more investigation (in the beamer sources :)), I have found the solution. For those who will search like me in the future, here it is in a simple small example :

{ % to delimit a block (we only want to remove the header for this frame)
\makeatletter % to change template
    \setbeamertemplate{headline}[default] % not mandatory, but I though it was better to set it blank
    \def\beamer@entrycode{\vspace*{-\headheight}} % here is the part we are interested in :)
\begin{frame}{Table of contents} % and our simple frame

It is also possible to define an environment to be able to use it more easily. To do so, use this part of code before the \begin{document} :


And for your frame :

    \begin{frame}{Table of contents} % and our simple frame

Hope this will help :)