[Tex/LaTex] Beamer: Put an Updating Outline/TOC on Every Slide

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I'm looking to be able to have an outline or table of contents on the side of every slide fairly automatically, though it would be good if it could be suppressed on some slides. This outline would update as the presentation progresses, showing which point have already been covered.

I would prefer a less obtrusive way of indicating the state of the presentation, but this is an external requirement.

Best Answer

Beamer has several themes that provide this functionality automatically. One example:



\section{First Section}


\begin{frame}{First frame}

\begin{frame}{Second frame}

\section{Second Section}

\begin{frame}{Third frame}

\frametitle{Fourth frame}
more text


enter image description here

This is of course highly customisable, as everything in latex. For example to only show sections \usetheme[hideallsubsections]{Berkeley}. See the beameruserguide section 15.4 for more options.