[Tex/LaTex] Beamer-Generated slides to PPT?


I like creating slides in Beamer. My supervisor doesn't. He wants me to "generate or convert [the set I did for a conference] to PowerPoint." I've tried different online and offline products like `Okto all to PowerPoint', TotalPDFConverter, and free-pdf-to-ppt-converter, but none of them quite cut it.

Most will screw up the text and/or the graphics, or simply convert the whole thing into a number of (low-resolution) bitmaps which are included in a PPT. The best results I get with pdf2picture, which can convert PDFs into WMF or EWMF files which can be inserted into PPT slides. When converting text to curves, most of the graphics look ok, however transparency doesn't seem to be handled correctly and it's still a lot of work inserting one WMF after another.

It says here that going through Keynote seems to work, but I'm already using PPT in a VM inside Linux—bringing in another OS would really be overkill.

Does anyone have any other hints? The result should look like the original PDF and it should be editable, but it's alright if for example text is converted to curves or so.

Best Answer

Howdy this is a half automatic answer.

  1. run htlatex yourfile.tex "html,word" "-coo" to extract some of the text

  2. Erase all the text wich should be editable.

  3. make hi-res Pictures out of the pdf e.g. with this script:

    read name
    pdftk $name burst
    convert -density 288 pg_000*.pdf +adjoin -quality 100 -size 3000x4000    pg.jpg

    This is not editable but can be included into PP.

  4. bring those pictures in the background of yout PP file.

  5. reinsert the text using PP (generated in step 0.).