[Tex/LaTex] Automatic grammar checker for LaTeX documents?


I'm currently writing a thesis. I'm using the Texmaker editor with the built-in dictionary for grammar correction (British English). Unfortunately, I'm short of time, so I don't have time to read everything again.

Texmaker only marks spelling mistakes. Is there a tool which can detect wrong or missing commas and perhaps weird sentences?

Best Answer

You should read everything again, several times. That said, here are two suggestions:

  • Have a grammatically literate friend read your thesis.

  • A clumsy (relatively) quick way to get some (possibly useful) help:

Save the compiled pdf as a word file, and run word's grammar checker.

Most of the problems found will be spurious, but a few may be real and you can fix those.

If you compile your thesis (temporarily) without ligatures and without hyphenation then there will be fewer "errors" to ignore in the doc file.

Edit in response to OP's comment.