[Tex/LaTex] Automated age calculation


How can I calculate my age at compile-time in LaTeX?

Something like:

I'm \myage{day}{month}{year} years old.

would be most awesome.

Best Answer

You can typeset your age easily using the datetime package and doing some simple calculations.




You can truncate the figure correctly, i.e., if you 21.6 years old it will give you 21 (see edit), by changing the last line of the code as follows:

\FPround\myage{\myage}{0}\myage\ years old

See also this post.


Since the rounding of the age elicited a few comments I looked up the legal definition of age (which was probably appropriate in my example). Based on this I have changed the code from FPround to FPtrunc. Thanks to all that made comments. I also changed the days in the year to 365.2425 to increase the accuracy a bit for marginal cases!

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