[Tex/LaTex] article has no publisher in biblatex


Why is there no publisher field on the article entry type in biblatex?

I am using biblatex to create my bibliography, however I can't seem to figure out how to reference a publisher in an article Entry Type.

For example:

The Golden Ratio: A Contrary Viewpoint
Clement Falbo
The College Mathematics Journal
Vol. 36, No. 2 (Mar., 2005), pp. 123-134 
(article consists of 12 pages)
Published by: Mathematical Association of America

How should I include the information about Mathematical Association of America in my entry?

Best Answer

The "missing" publisher field for @article is not specific to biblatex, but also a feature of LaTeX's standard bibliography styles (plain, unsrt, alpha, abbrv). See for example section 3.1 of Oren Patashnik, BibTeXing for the required, optional, and ignored fields of the different entry types. If you nevertheless want to include the information about the journal's publisher, biblatex offers the addendum and note fields.

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