[Tex/LaTex] Antidote 9 with TeXmaker and special characters


I'm trying to use the Antidote 9 software, a spell checker with TeXmaker. When I copy the text in TeXmaker and paste it in Antidote, all special characters (é, à, è, etc.) are encoded to ç, é, è, etc.

Anybody know why ?

Thanks in advance ! 🙂

Best Answer

A workaround suggested in Antidote 9 guide for windows is to open the .tex file with another intermediate editor and copy-paste it into Antidote’s internal editor. I had the same problem and could solve it with the default windows notepad.

Step by step instructions can be found one the linux guide of the same version of Antidote

Depending on how your latex file is encoded, you may have to first encode it in utf-8 (in TexMaker, go to the Edit menu and select Setup Encoding...)