[Tex/LaTex] An ‘abstract’ at the start of every chapter


I am using the book document class and what I would like to do is to have a abstract like text at the start of every chapter (in smaller font outlining what will happen in the chapter, etc.). I don't have a problem changing to amsbook if that helps in anyway.

Example: http://www.amazon.com/Classical-Introduction-Modern-Graduate-Mathematics/dp/038797329X

Best Answer

Here is an example that uses one of the KOMA-Script classes to achieve a similar effect:

\documentclass[pagesize=auto, version=last, chapterprefix=true]{scrbook}





    The notion of prime number is fundamental in number theory.
    The first part of this chapter is devoted to proving that every integer can be written as a product of primes in an essentially unique way.

    After that, we shall prove an analogous theorem in the ring of polynomials over a field.%

\chapter{Unique Factorization}

\section{Unique Factorization in $\mathbb Z$}