[Tex/LaTex] Aligning the \text in formula

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I have, let's say, 5 of the equations spread throughout the document and I want them to be aligned similarly. The equation consist of two parts — the formula itself and short descriptions (let's say boundaries). Obviously, there can be a lot of text (plus figures between) between any two equations. Can all the equations (and their parts) be aligned in the same way? This is an example:

\cfrac{K_{I}^{2}}{E} & \text{plane stress}\\
\cfrac{(1-\nu^{2})K_{I}^{2}}{E} & \text{plane strain}


One equations with two lines, short comment about them, the part on the right aligned in the same way. However, I can't find a solution to align these throughtout the document (i.e., in multiple equations). It should look something like this


but the boundaries in this case are misaligned and the & operator can't be used. Is there a feature I'm missing or a workaround?

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\noindent Something\dots
  K_{C} &= \sqrt{EG_{c}} &\qquad &\text{(plane stress)}\\
  \intertext{further description of the equation}
  K_{c} &= \sqrt{\frac{EG_{c}}{1-\nu^{2}}} &&\text{(plane strain)}



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