[Tex/LaTex] Align equivalent environment in lncs


Is there an equivalent align environment in lncs that has support for multiline equations? I have such an equation that I want to include in my text, and naively injecting \\ separators into an equation environment doesn't do the trick. For reference, here is the code:

c(\beta, \Sigma, \Pi, \Lambda, T) = C_t(Tr(\beta T)^{-1}) + \\
C_t(\mathbf{A} \times Tr(\beta, T)) + C_t((\mathbf{A} \times Tr(\beta, T))^{-1}) + \\
C_t(Tr(\beta, T)) + 2 \times (C_i(\beta, \Sigma, \Pi, \Lambda) + C(\mathbf{A}) + HW(c))

Best Answer

I cannot find a class or package named lncs, did you mean llncs.cls?

I can find only one inconsistency between llncs.cls and amsmath.sty: When amsmath tries to redefine math accents, it complains that it cannot redefine \vec. This is only a warning and can be safely ignored if you don't use \vec or are satisfied with the llncs definition of \vec.

You can avoid even that warning if you change the loading order:


You will then get the llncs definition.

If neither of these works for you, perhaps you have a different version of llncs. In that case you should supply a link to the version you use. Mine gives its date and version as 2013/09/27 v2.18.

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