[Tex/LaTex] Adjustbox inside figure environment


I am trying to use the adjustbox package. When I use the adjustbox command inside a \ffigbox (floatrow package) it works fine. Now I wanted to use it inside a figure environment. Therfore I used the following code:

\adjustbox{max width=\linewidth}{\include{images/plot/associativity}}
\caption{Associativity compared to execution time}\label{fig:intro:associativity}
\floatfoot{Matrix multiplication on the \emph{leon3}, normalized by longest execution time. Lower is better. There is no optimal solution across all problem sizes}

Latex gives me the following error if I use the \adjustbox line, and works fine if I use the pure include:

Extra }, or forgotten \endgroup \end{figure}

Since my MWE turned out to actually contian an error, but I think the parantheses in this adjustbox line are balanced, I have an issue, I am tryuing to build a new (non working) MWE





\adjustbox{max width=\linewidth}{\include{asso}}

Best Answer

\include is the wrong command to use; it should be reserved to big chunks of text, such as chapters. See When should I use \input vs. \include? for more information.