[Tex/LaTex] Adding extra columns to the usnomencl nomenclature package


I use the package usnomencl to create nomenclatures e.g.


\item[$\zeta$] damping ratio
\item[$\theta$] \UnitLine{angular displacement}{rad}

Looking at the line:

\item[$\theta$] \UnitLine{angular displacement}{rad}

one can see that 3 columns are formed, the first one being the unit name, the second one mentioning what the unit stands for and the last column giving the unit symbol.

I would like to add an extra column at the end with the heading "Pages where defined or first used". And then I will manually add the corresponding page numbers.

Is there a way to accomplish this?

Best Answer

The usnomencl is a very simple nomenclature package that I have added to the University of Stellenbosch thesis (usthesis) bundle. It uses a list (description type) environment to set the nomenclature and would be difficult to add additional columns.

I would recommed a tabular type environment if you want more columns or a tabbing environment. Below is a proof of concept for a tabbing environment:

\usepackage{sistyle} % or siunitx

\settowidth\numwdth{\quad 99}
        \leaders\hbox{$\m@th\mkern \@dotsep mu\hbox{\tiny.}\mkern \@dotsep mu$}%
            \makebox[\numwdth][l]{\quad #3}}}}

    \parbox[t]{\linewidth}{\small      \hfill Pages\par              % Added
                                       \hfill where\par              % Added
                                 Symbol\hfill defined\par            % Added
                          \rule[.5\baselineskip]{\linewidth}{.5pt}}\\% Added

    \>$x$ \> \SIdescr{coordinate in $x$ direction and a
             lot of other information to make it wrap}{m}{10}\\[1ex]
    \>$y$ \> \SIdescr{coordinate in $y$ direction}{m}{11}\\[1ex]


enter image description here

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