[Tex/LaTex] Add publisher to online source with biblatex/biber


I was told to add a publisher for my online resources but I struggle at how I can add this information behind the auhtor. Is this possible with the "@ONLINE"? Or should I take an different style?





Lorem Ipsum \autocite{zdnetElke} Lorem Ipsum.



title = {Virtual Private Cloud: Kompromiss zwischen Kosten und rechtlichen Anforderungen},
author = "{Elke Rekowski}",
publisher = {GZDNet},
urldate = {2014-03-19},
url = {http://zdnet.de/41549540/}

Best Answer

Only following entry types (fallbacks) use the publisher field:

book, collection, inbook, incollection, inproceedings, manual and proceedings.

So you may choose one of those entry types, or you modify the bibdriver-macro for i.e. @online:

Using the package xpatch you can easily replace strings from a macro. So if you add following to your MWE:


It will add the publisher+location+date macro after the note-field, which is default place and behaviour for those fields (see bibdrivers of the entry types above).

If you - however - only want the field publisher, replace the string by: