[Tex/LaTex] ACM Digital Library template: CCS Concepts are causing overlapping text


I consider myself somewhat of an end-user when it comes to LaTeX, so please bear with me here. I'm using the ACM template files found at http://www.acm.org/publications/proceedings-template .

In the template file, they expect me to classify my work by generating CCS Codes using the tool found at dl.acm.org/ccs.cfm.

The generated CCS code looks like this in my .tex file:

    <concept_desc>Human-centered computing~Gestural input</concept_desc>
    <concept_desc>Computing methodologies~Virtual reality</concept_desc>

\ccsdesc[500]{Human-centered computing~Gestural input}
\ccsdesc[300]{Computing methodologies~Virtual reality}


However, upon building, the generated .pdf file looks like this:

If I switch the two concepts around (which I don't think is allowed since they should be sorted by significance), I get this:
enter image description here

Is there anything I could do to maintain the order, yet stop the overlap?

Best Answer

I would suggest setting the codes ragged right for this particular case