[Tex/LaTex] A package to help with layout generation? Graph paper in the background


Once in a while I have to create a layout given by several parameters, such as "left margin 3cm, logo 4 cm from the right margin, 2cm high" etc. Now I use geometry package an other helpers to create a layout, but I need to print out the result in order to check if everything is correct (well, I use Acrobat for that, but not everyone has access to it).

What I am thinking: is there a package to put graph paper with a 1cm grid (and millimeter ticks) in the background, so I could easily check if my layout is correct?

Best Answer

I think the »eso-pic« package provides any easy method to get what you want.



The grid is customizable in many ways. The package manual has more details.

enter image description here

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