MATLAB: Which specific functions does the GA use?( for Creation ,Crossover and Mutation functions?)

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Hi, My program is integer linear program. I wrote custom creation, crossover and mutation functions. I tried it in command window and ga toolbox, but the outputs never changed and command window gave the following warnings ;
Warning: Problem has integer constraints. The following options will be ignored by GA: CreationFcn
> In gaminlpvalidateoptions In ga (line 295)
In callSolver (line 33)
In optimguirun (line 40)
In optimguiswitchyard (line 14)
So, I searched Mathworks documentation ( and there are expressions " the Characteristics of the Integer ga Solver" under the title:
– No custom creation function (CreationFcn option), crossover function (CrossoverFcn option), mutation function (MutationFcn option), or initial scores (InitialScoreMatrix option). If you supply any of these, ga overrides their settings.
-To obtain integer variables, ga uses special creation, crossover, and mutation functions.
Which specific functions does the GA use for crossover, mutation, and creation? İt doesn't recognize that I choose options in the ga toolbox for creation, mutation and crossover and the results aren't improving.

Best Answer

If you want to use your own custom creation, mutation, and crossover functions, then do not include an IntCon argument when you call ga. As you found out, having an IntCon argument causes ga to ignore your custom functions.
MathWorks does not publish the specific functions that the IntCon argument uses.
Alan Weiss
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