MATLAB: Using the struct function with a for loop

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I have a matrix that is 89×4. I've used a for loop to extract each row of data to make 89 new matrices. I needed to do that because each row is a new nodal point in my data set. What I need to do now is make a structure array with a list of each nodal point.
My original for loop is
for n=1:89;
eval(['Node_' num2str(n) '=nodeXYZ(n,:);']);
That gives me each matrix (Node_1 to Node_89). I've tried to used dynamics naming within a for loop to make a different array within a structure for each node but I keep getting errors. Or when it works its completely wrong.
for field='Node';
That is along the lines of what I'm trying. Its probably very wrong, which is why I need the help. I really don't want to have to write out 89 different fields and values! Any suggestions or help on this would be appreciated.

Best Answer

Something like
for n = 1:89
fieldName = strcat( 'Node_', num2str( n ) );
Triangle_points.node_data.nodes.( fieldName ) = nodeXYZ(n,:);
should give you the output you are looking for without needing to go via 89 unwanted variables. I would question why you would want this setup though.
You could instead use an array of 89 structures, each just with a 'node' field or simply keep your data in its original array as the best option. Most maths that you would want to do can be done on data that just sits in a single neat multi-dimensional numeric array. Moving away from one numeric array into 89 of them or a struct with 89 fields or 89 structs with 1 field all just make subsequent operations all the more complicated and inefficient.