MATLAB: Should I remap keyboard shortcuts

keyboard shortcuts

I am new with MATLAB, but it has already saved me a lot of work by making programming simple.
I would just like to ask about the keyboard shortcuts. They are not the same standard as Windows or Linux. I now use Ubuntu and I got the following, for example: alt/w copy, ctr/y paste (requires long fingers ;)), ctr/shift/- undo.
I am an older guy and change is difficult 😉 I sometimes lean too long on the alt/w and end up in the view panel.
So far everything I have seen about MATLAB has been well considered and well worked out. So the choice of shortcuts is no coincidence, I am sure.
Before I remap the keyboard shortcuts I would just like to ask if there will be any negative consequences if I remap to ctr/c, ctr/x, ctr/v, ctr/z etc
Thank you

Best Answer

"if there will be any negative consequences"
MATLAB provides the option to change the shortcuts:
This option exists, so why not use it?