MATLAB: Do I receive a license manager error -15 when trying to checkout a license key from a distant location or over a wide area network (WAN)


The license server is in a different network location than the client. I am able to checkout the licenses for release R12, but get the following error message when starting MATLAB release 14 and above:
License checkout failed. Cannot connect to license server. License Manager Error -15

Best Answer

This is a known issue with FLEXnet 9.2 and higher. If you are receiving this error over a WAN and the network license manager is running, see the workaround below:
By default, the client sends a request to the server and if it can't complete the connection within 100000 microseconds, the client returns error -15.
To workaround this issue, you can extend the timeout period by setting the "FLEXLM_TIMEOUT" environment variable on the client machine. For example:
set FLEXLM_TIMEOUT=2147483647
Assign any value within the range 0 through 2147483647 microseconds. The default setting is 100000 microseconds.
As an alternative, you can change the license manager port to a number outside the range 27000-27009. This timeout value is only used when the port used to communicate with the server is in the range 27000-27009.
To specify a different port number, change the port address in the license.dat file on the license server to 27010 or higher. The SERVER line should look like the following:
SERVER <hostname> <hostid> 27010