MATLAB: No version information available from library (


When trying to access flash memory of a smartphone using the Android Debug Bridge, it reports the following:
>> !adb
adb: /usr/local/MATLAB/R2014b/bin/glnxa64/ no version information available (required by adb)
Consequently, trying to pull a file fails. adb invoked from a system shell works fine. Is there a way to use system-wide libraries for such purposes instead of the ones supplied by Matlab?
I'm running R2014b on a Xubuntu-based GNU/Linux-System (14.10). adb is v1.0.31.
Thanks for any comment or ideas.

Best Answer

Unsetting LD_LIBRARY_PATH to prevent usage of Matlab-supplied libraries seems to work. I defined a replacement command:
% unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH to prevent usage of matlab's own libs
cmdADB = 'env LD_LIBRARY_PATH='''' adb';