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I am trying to cell reference header lines from the code below. I was a able to read header information line by line and printed tLine into command window. my problem is that when i cell referenced tLine(6) in the command window even though the tLine has been outputted to command window.
I got error message: >> tLine{6} Cell contents reference from a non-cell array object.
any help on how i can fix this error message?

Best Answer

The problem is that you're trying to referencing tLine as a cell array, but it's a string since you use fgetl, which returns a string:
function tline = fgetl(fid)
%FGETL Read line from file, discard newline character.
% TLINE = FGETL(FID) returns the next line of a file associated with file
% identifier FID as a MATLAB string.
When you get C from textscan, you get your cell array:
%function [varargout] = textscan(varargin)
%TEXTSCAN Read formatted data from text file or string.
% C = TEXTSCAN(FID,'FORMAT') reads data from an open text file identified
% by FID into cell array C.