MATLAB: Load multiple mat files for plot

.mat file

I have a number (n) of mat files saved in one folder, their names are :
data1.mat, data2.mat, data3.mat, data4.mat, data5.mat,……
assume that each mat file has these vectors: t , x, y.
I want to plot t vs. y (saved in the same mat file) in one figure from all these files using for loop in a manner like this|
plot(t,y)---from data1.mat
hold on
plot(t,y)---from data2.mat
plot(t,y)---from data3.mat
.plot(t,y)---from datan.mat

Best Answer

hold on;
for fileidx = 1:n
filedata = load(fullfile('C:\location\of\the\files', sprintf('data%d.mat', fileidx)));
plot(filedata.t, filedata.y);
would work. As long as you don't want to do anything else with the t and y