MATLAB: Is there a degree symbol in LaTex or is ^{\circ} the best it can do


I have searched quite a bit for examples of displaying titles in latex. My goal is to show the following:
Bin 0° <= \varphi_2 <= 5°
Where \varphi is the variation of phi that normal TeX does not offer. I do not mind if the less than or equal to stays like that or becomes the fancy LaTeX form.
The example I found so far that does not give me any warning is from:, where the example is:
title('$$Q \geq \frac{I_h H}{I_h H+I_z C}, b_1 \geq b_2$$','interpreter','latex')
And it works as expected when I tried it.
I tried many things and eventually the following worked:
title('Bin $$0^{\circ} \leq \varphi_2 \leq 5^{\circ}$$','interpreter','latex')
Bin 0° <= \varphi_2 <= 5°
But as this post [link] pointed out, using the circle seems less sophisticated than being able to use the proper degrees symbol. So is there a way to add a degrees symbol into my line? I have tried typing the symbol directly or try a concat string with char(176), but I couldn't make either work.

Best Answer

I don't think it's possible to have both the degree symbol and LaTeX. Playing around with the title in the property inspector, I can combine strings with LaTeX, and can add \char126 or ^^7a and see the changes. However, if I add \char176 or ^^b0 it does not display the inserted character (though the LaTeX formatting remains).
The final thing I can do is copy and paste the degree symbol into the title string. It appears, but kills the ability to use the LaTeX interpreter, even if I put it outside the $$ flagged LaTeX expression
Bin 0° $$ \leq \varphi_2 \leq 5^{\circ}$$
displays as
Bin 0° $$ \leq \varphi_2 \leq 5^{\circ}$$