MATLAB: How to package custom documentation with the toolbox


I made a custom toolbox and I have already created custom documentation for it, including the necessary HTML and XML files. However, I can only seem to find information on how to create my documentation, not how to distribute it.
How can I package this with my toolbox such that another user can see my documentation in the browser after typing "doc"?

Best Answer

The information on how to do this can be found at the following documentation page:
On this page, the relevant information for you can be found in Step 4:
  • For the Package a Toolbox tool to recognize custom documentation, include an info.xml file to identify your documentation files. If you use the builddocsearchdb function to build the documentation database before packaging your toolbox, you can include the generated helpsearch subfolder in your toolbox. The info.xml file and the helpsearch folder allow recipients to access your documentation through the Supplemental Software link at the bottom of the Help browser home page. For more information, see Display Custom Documentation.
  • Alternatively, you can generate info.xml and helptoc.xml template files from the Package a Toolbox dialog box. To access your documentation through the Help browser, complete the documentation templates and include info.xml on the MATLAB path.
For more information on creating the files mentioned in the above text, you can refer to the following page:
For general information on creating a custom toolbox, you can refer to the following page: