MATLAB: How to automate “Save As” dialog box when using “web” command to download from websites


I am using the "web" command to navigate to a download URL to download URL. However, when I use the "web" command, The "Save File As" dialog box opens up, asking the user for the name of the file and where they would like to save it. I want to automate this step and not have the "Save File" dialog box open up. How do I do this using MATLAB? Do I need a COM server? 

Best Answer

To automate this, you can use the "websave" command. 
As an example, 
% download_url is the url you wish to download from
% file_name is the file you want the download to be saved to
% output_filename is the relative location of the file after it has been saved.
>> output_filename = websave(file_name, download_url);
To learn more about the "websave" command, please visit the following documentation link :