MATLAB: Greek characters in m-file for comments and strings

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Hi everyone,
I used to run Matlab 2016b on a windows 10 x64 machine, English Language. I cannot recall system locale setting on that machine though.
Out of the box, if I typed any greek characters in the comments of an m-file and save it, the next time I would open it, the characters would not be recognised properly and would appear with "chinese" effect (I apologise to our Chinese friends for the improper use of the word chinese). However I remember I had found a solution (by searching online), which was quite simple and easy to follow and it worked. Too bad that I didn't right it down somewhere.
Now I have a fresh windows 10 installation and Matlab 2017, but the matlab editor cannot read the greek characters in my m.files properly. If open the files in notepad though, the greek characters are there.
Could you help me out please? It is very important for me to retrieve those scripts.

Best Answer

I solved my problem. Here is the solution:
Go to Control Panel -> Clock, Language and Region -> Region and change the settings for all three tabs (Formats, Location, Administrative) to "Greek"