MATLAB: Can I get multiple outputs using an anonymous function as an argument for another function

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So I've got a function FuseArrays that takes in a 2D cell array, applies a function to each cell, and then combines corresponding rows of the resulting array using a second function. So when I call it it looks like this:
rateVector = FuseArrays(burstInfoArray, @GetBurstMetrics, @(x) mean(x, 'omitnan'));
I'm running into a problem where I want to get the second output from GetBurstMetrics and apply the "fusing" function (the second one, the anonymous one) to the resulting array from the second output of GetBurstMetrics. Is there anyway that I can edit this line to replace @GetBurstMetrics with some kind of anonymous function syntax that will return only it's second output? Thank in advance!
EDIT: I have already tried simply [output1, output2] = FuseArrays….
This doesn't seem to have the desired effect, it seems to expect FuseArrays itself to have multiple outputs, as opposed to the argument functions.

Best Answer

Unfortunately MATLAB does not provide any method to be able to capture anything other than the first output of a function in an expression. If you need to work with additional outputs then you need to write a function that assigns the output to a variable and returns the variable.