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I have a function that takes more than one input argument – see my example where there are 2 arguments:
function z = example(x,y)
if nargin == 0
x = 1;
y = 1;
elseif nargin == 1
y = 1;
z = x + y;
The number of input arguments is flexible from 0 to 2. If there is no argument, put x and y equal to one. If there is only one input argument, let x assume the value of the input argument and y equal one. For both arguments x and y should accept the given value.
Using the function:
this part works. Now I have the question how I adjust the tooltip when entering so that the user is shown that he has several options. In my case he could call the function in 3 ways and there would be a result. To illustrate my question I have inserted two pictures:
You can see here, as it is at e.g. linprog works – mab gets displayed in the tooltip which variants the function can handle.
For my example, this does not work – here is only one variant that the user gets displayed, although 3 are possible:
From C # I know this procedure as overriding functions, but I know that there is not overriding in matlab in this form. How can I extend this tooltip to show all possible calls to my function as a tooltip?
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I think they did not add this feature for R2018A
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